A cleaner home for a quicker sale

โพสต์โดย Hipflat 28 Feb 2017

It's a fact that a clean home will create a better and all-important positive first impression. It will also help you remain ahead of your fellow house-sellers and, potentially, enjoy a faster sale.

Keeping your home for sale constantly ready for viewings will give you a distinct advantage and there are many simple yet effective tips to give property sellers the edge, and to attract prospective buyers - remembering always that first impressions count.

The early part of every year is traditionally a time when people think seriously about moving home, but not every home remains sales-ready. Act now to stay one step ahead of the competition and look at ways to get your property sale-ready today.

Here's some advice:

Clutter control

One real problem with cleaning is to make, or at least give the illusion of, more space. In preparation for viewings, pack away any items that may make your home look crowded. Potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in the property with their belongings. Ensure any drying laundry is hidden from view, and if you use part of your home as an office you should clear away any paperwork.

Looking good - inside and out

As well as considering a neutral look for the interior of your home by painting all-over with a lick of magnolia or something similar, think about the exterior of your property. Check and repair any garden gates or fences, paint window frames and clean window panes and make the entrance to your home inviting with some freshly planted pot plants. Giving your home kerb appeal is the first step to engaging with a buyer and creating a great first impression.

Keeping it simple

Less is more, as the saying goes, and you don't have to spend a fortune when it comes to interiors. A few strategically-placed throws and rugs to tone down any patterned sofas or carpets will bring older interiors up-to -date. Create some optical illusions by placing furniture at angles around the room.

Make the most of your space

When you have a small kitchen every inch of space needs to count. We probably all have more gadgets than we need or use, so put them away out of sight and leave worktops clutter-free. Making the most of drawer or cupboard space and installing space saving ideas like tilt-out bins is a great move. Shelves and racks can also address the storage issue.

Choose your agent wisely

It goes without saying that your real estate agent should be professional and experienced, and one who knows your area thoroughly. If possible try to get a personal recommendation from friends. Talk to several that are marketing properties that are similar in size and location to your own, and aim to build up a rapport. Ask everything you need to know, and if your agent is unable to give a clear answer you should take that as a possible warning sign.

This story was written by Andrew Batt, Head of Content at Hipflat,com. Contact him with your own news, views and comments at [email protected]