Why search for a home on HipFlat?

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    One Place
Over 35,000 Condos

    Your dream home is out there, start searching.

    Our smart automated system collects and processes offers from the agents, owners, online classifieds and forums. All at no cost to you.

    No need to search multiple websites, HipFlat has it all here.

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    Envision Your Life At The New Home

    Walk to the nearest BTS station. Discover great local restaurants, shops, schools and parks.

    With information on over 45,000 places, HipFlat even lets you take a peek at your future favourite 7-Eleven store, all without leaving your chair!

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    Know The Market Like A Pro

    It might be a surprise, but not all Thailand's properties increase in value.

    Putting your money into a home whose value is falling is never a good idea, especially when using a loan.

    HipFlat's price trend graphs will help you do your research and make an informed decision.