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Two adjoining houses on separate title deeds (chanod) in the Mae On sub-district of Huay Gaew (45 minutes drive from downtown Chiangmai), with panoramic views of rice paddies, teak forests and a national park. The Huay Gaew stream runs along the bottom of the properties, with an assortment of fruit trees, teak trees, smaller decorative trees, a small coffee plantation, and a rose garden.

One of the properties (almost 3/4 rai according to the chanod, but with an exclusive useable land area of nearly one and a half rai) has a mostly completed (75 to 80%) two-story 6 bedroom/7 bathroom house designed originally as a boutique guesthouse/conference center, with an open foyer, large kitchen area, office, and wrap-around balcony. The second property (two rai of land, each rai with a separate chanod) has a fully-furnished two-story 4 bedroom/4 bathroom house with two main communal areas, a secure store room, laundry area and large balcony.

House/Section One: 6 bedroom/7 bathrooms; 3/4 rai of land = 8,000,000 THB

House/Section Two: 4 bedroom/4 bathrooms; 2 rai of land = 12,000,000 THB

Super-special discount for sale of both houses and sections together: 16,000,000 THB


House/Section One:

House and Property for Sale in Mae On District, Chiangmai

A yet to be completed (currently 75 to 80% completed) two-story 6 bedroom/7 bathroom house designed originally as a boutique guesthouse/conference center, with outstanding 180 degree views over the countryside and a national park. The property deed (chanod) is for 2 ngan 92 wa (almost 3/4 of a rai) but the property extends to the Huay Gaew Stream giving exclusive access and use to another 2 ngan. 45 minutes drive to Chiangmai.

Price: 8,000,000 baht.

Section Size according to chanod: 2 ngan + 92 square wah (1168 square meters).

Section Description: North-west facing, beginning with a plateau (with car park area, adequate for 3 cars, and plenty of more room to park on the right-of-way) and sloping down to the Huay Gaew stream away from the house. A pine grove is developing well, and a few lemon trees are growing well on the western face of the slope, the northern slope has a small coffee plantation with approximately 30 trees.

House Size: 250 square meters, with an additional 50 square meters of balcony area.

House Description: The car park area is directly in front of the main foyer of the west wing. Directly off the foyer you can enter the kitchen, living area, office, and communal bathroom. From this foyer a stairwell also leads to the downstairs guestrooms of the west wing. At the right end of the foyer is access to the adjoining east wing which contains four separate guestrooms (two upstairs, two downstairs) each with own bathroom. One of the upstairs guestrooms also has an additional connecting bedroom/office/store room. The upstairs guestrooms have access to a large balcony, the downstairs guestrooms access directly to a small flat area at the top of the slope.

Construction began in 2015, and is now at approximately 75-80% completion. The complex was built upon poured concrete foundations, pillars and crossbeams (with 12-16mm rebar throughout), high-tensile concrete floor panels and over-pour (pictures are available on request). Walls were constructed using aerated block, with a brush-swept ‘naked’ polished texture finish (ปูนเปลือยขัดมัน). The roof was constructed using 2.5 to 3.2 thickness steel C beams and box beams, covered with Shera Trilon roofing tiles. The east wing has one completed unit (consisting of a bedroom, office or spare room and bathroom), and the other rooms in the east wing have the ceilings installed and floor tiling is completed, yet without doors, windows or bathroom fittings. The west wing is yet to have the ceilings installed, remains untiled, and is without doors or windows, though all frames have been installed throughout. Plumbing and wiring has been installed, however separate water and electricity connections will have to be installed from the main supply source. An estimated further investment of 1.5 million baht will be required to bring the house to 100 completion.

This house and property makes up part of a larger compound of 18 rai, which is currently home to a close-knit community of four families. There is a private access way, with a distance of approximately 200 meters from the front gate to the first of the properties for sale here. Electricity, local water supply and internet connectivity is very reliable.


House/Section Two:

House and Property for Sale in Mae On District, Chiangmai

This two-story house has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two
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