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For sale 6 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon Thani


Kumphawapi, Udon Thani

For sale 6 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 6 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 6 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 6 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 6 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon Thani
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A 6 BRM, 5 BTH Absolutely Unique Circular Home For Sale In Kumphawapi, Udon Thani, Thailand

Please note: The price has been reduced from 11,950,000 to a great price of 9,800,000 BahtWelcome to an extraordinary opportunity in the world of real estate – a magnificent and distinctive large-scale residence that is now available for sale. This remarkable circular home boasts an impressive 6 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms, and spans two luxurious levels. It is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of its owner, showcasing engineering and design that is truly unparalleled. Every detail has been thoughtfully crafted using only the highest quality materials, ensuring the longevity of this home for generations to come.Nestled atop an elevated pad, this home presides over a sprawling 2 Rai, 3 Ngan, 70 Talang Wah, or 4,680 Sq. Mt's of land, providing an expansive canvas for your aspirations. The interior living space, a sprawling 400 Sq. Mt's, is thoughtfully distributed across two levels. The lower level is dedicated to daily living, while the upper level offers a space for entertainment and breathtaking panoramic views that stretch for kilometers. To fully appreciate the ingenious design and features of this circular masterpiece, we invite you to watch our video tour.The design incorporates the use of spacecraft-grade aluminum flooring, 5 mm thick, capable of accommodating large gatherings with ease. This stunning home also features an abundance of heavy-duty windows and sliding doors, providing unrivaled views of the surrounding landscape. Further enhancing security and convenience are the 8 CCTV cameras connected to an in-home monitoring system.Situated just a short drive from Kumphawapi and less than 5 minutes from Highway 2, connecting you to Bangkok and various other destinations, this property offers the perfect blend of tranquility and convenience. Surrounded by nature and the natural beauty of the region, this home truly is a gem.Complementing the main residence are four outbuildings. These include an 80 sq. Mt undercover parking area for three SUVs, an external bathroom with two lockable storage units, and an enclosed animal pen spanning approximately 96 Sq. Mt's, and a spacious storage shed, perfect for oversized items such as PVC materials, measuring around 50 Sq. Mt's. The lush grounds feature numerous mango trees yielding bountiful fruit, newly planted coconut trees, and expansive grassy areas. The fertile soil is efficiently irrigated within the retainer wall via a timer-automated water reticulation system.A distinguishing feature of this home is the thoughtful integration of nature and climate within its design. An innovative Free Energy "Dynamic Ventilation Convection Cooling System" reduces ambient temperatures by approximately 10 degrees Celsius, negating the need for air conditioning. However, air conditioning units are pre-installed in seven rooms, providing flexibility for various needs. The roof incorporates a 1.4-meter eave, shielding the walls, and is constructed from commercial-grade insulated aluminum-zinc material, boasting a 20-year guarantee. Thermal vents strategically placed throughout the home further maintain a consistently comfortable climate.The Western-style kitchen, with its open and spacious layout, features a uniquely curved wall. All bathrooms are adorned with imported fixtures and fittings, accentuated with opulent gold accents, harmonizing with the overall environment. Each bathroom, as well as the jacuzzi and kitchen sink, is equipped with water heaters.This home is genuinely one-of-a-kind and must be experienced in person to fully grasp its design and structural excellence. Words cannot encapsulate the full breadth of its offerings, so we invite you to explore the images and video tour to truly appreciate its uniqueness. This property is tailored for discerning buyers seeking ample space and quality living.Viewings are available by appointment only. To schedule a viewing, please contact Duean (English and Thai) at +6694373---- or LINE ID ----------, or use the contact page. Ernie (English only) is also available with prior notice at +6685179---- or [email protected] our opinion, this home transcends the ordinary, offering a level of comfort and quality that is both distinctive and enduring. It's a rare opportunity to live in an over-engineered masterpiece that promises not only comfort but also longevity for years to come.

  • beds6
  • baths5
  • space400 m²
  • property typeHouse

For sale 5 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon Thani


Kumphawapi, Udon Thani

For sale 5 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 5 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 5 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 5 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale 5 bed house in Kumphawapi, Udon Thani
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Simply Outstanding! 2 Homes With 5 BRM, 4 Bth, 2 Level Home For Sale On 1 Rai, 90 Talang Wah, Kumphawapi, Udon Thani, Thailand

Discover an exquisite residence, where quality and luxury converge to create a truly remarkable living experience. 2 homes are Nestled upon a sprawling 1 Rai of meticulously landscaped grounds, spanning 90 Talang Wah or 1,960 sq. Mt's, this property is an exceptional gem located on the tranquil shores of the 'Red Lotus Lake' (Talay Bua Daeng Lake). As you explore this estate, you'll be captivated by the stunning vistas that grace the master bedroom and upper patio, making it a standout among our listings.Approaching this rectangular property, you are greeted by flawlessly manicured lawns and bountiful fruit trees, providing a delightful entrance. The driveway leads you to a spacious double SUV-type enclosed garage, with additional external parking available as needed. Step inside through the main home's entrance, fully air-conditioned, which opens up to a grand hallway and an impeccably designed western kitchen that offers garden views from every angle. This home, constructed in 2015, exudes an aura of newness, a testament to the owners' dedication to its maintenance.The bottom floor of the main home is dedicated to comfortable living, with the convenience of a master bedroom suite on the ground floor, accompanied by a shared private or guest bathroom. The main home spans approximately 360 Sq. Mt's across two levels. The master western kitchen is a culinary enthusiast's dream, boasting an expansive layout with ample counter space for food preparation, numerous power outlets for appliances, and a high-grade gas burner cooktop, all complemented by an abundance of storage cabinets, making it an ideal space for family gatherings and entertaining.Ascending to the upper level unveils the mesmerizing views of the lake and its surrounding natural beauty, stretching for an estimated 20 kilometers. Through high-quality sliding doors on the prominent patio, you enter the formal family room, an area perfect for enjoying your favorite TV shows and music while relishing the breathtaking scenery. This space, though currently underutilized by the current owners, is ideal for larger families. Additionally, on the top level, there is a dedicated storeroom to neatly stow away your belongings.Continuing along the hallway on the upper level, you'll find 3 charming bedrooms, currently adorned for younger family members, which share a separate bathroom and also the grand master bedroom suite with a modern private en-suite. The upper level flows seamlessly, mirroring the open design of the main home. This upper level is in a world of its own for privacy and relaxation.Included in this remarkable offering is a separate home featuring one bedroom, a bathroom, a spacious office, and a well-appointed storeroom. This additional dwelling adds approximately 90 sq. Mt's of luxurious living space.In most cases, we encourage prospective buyers to view property images to grasp the quality of homes we present for sale. Take a moment to browse the images and watch the video to fully appreciate the exceptional value this home represents, especially considering its remarkable views. This property stands as a true masterpiece.Viewing appointments is essential, so please do not hesitate to contact Duean (fluent in English and Thai) at +6694373---- with LINE ID ---------0 [email protected] or via our contact page. For English-speaking inquiries, Ernie can be reached at +6685179---- or [email protected]. Alternatively, please use the contact page for further information.In our professional opinion, this property ranks among the finest we have had the privilege to represent. Its breathtaking beauty, combined with its affordability, makes it a must-see opportunity. Don't miss the chance to view this beautiful home.

  • beds5
  • baths4
  • space450 m²
  • property typeHouse

For sale land in Kumphawapi, Udon Thani


Kumphawapi, Udon Thani

For sale land in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale land in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale land in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale land in Kumphawapi, Udon ThaniFor sale land in Kumphawapi, Udon Thani
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ขายที่ดินสวยติดถนนมิตรภาพ 9-1-53 ไร่ ใกล้วัดป่านาดี อ.กุมภวาปี จ.อุดรธานี

ZP056 ขายที่ดินสวยติดถนนมิตรภาพ 9-1-53 ไร่ ใกล้วัดป่านาดี อ.กุมภวาปี จ.อุดรธานีที่ตั้ง : ถ.มิตรภาพ ต.เสอเพลอ อ.กุมภวาปี จ.อุดรธานี เนื้อที่ : 0-1-53 ไร่ (มีโฉนด 4 แปลง) : กว้าง 68 เมตร : ลึก 210 เมตรสถานที่ใกล้เคียง-ตรงข้ามหมู่บ้านเศรษฐกิจพอเพียง บ้านนาดี-สำนักงานสงฆ์บ้านนาดี -ปั๊มเอสโซ่เพียวไทย สาขากุมภาวปี 700 เมตร-โรงเรียนบ้านนาดี 1.4 ก.ม-พีแอนด์พี หมูสด 1.6 ก.ม-ปั๊มน้ำมันบางจาก 3.7 ก.ม-โรงพยาบาลศูนย์มะเร็ง 8 ก.ม-โรงพยาบาลประจักษ์ศิลปาคม 10 ก.ม-แหล่งท่องเที่ยวทะเลบัวแดง 10 ก.ม-เหมาะทำที่พักอาศัย และบ้านจัดสรรราคาขาย : 16,900,000 บาท (พร้อมการโอน )สนใจติดต่อ :-คุณเล็ก :085-006------คุณอร : 089-840------คุณเกรท:097-056-----

  • property typeLand