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For sale 2 bed villa in Lom Sak, Phetchabun


Lom Sak, Phetchabun

For sale 2 bed villa in Lom Sak, PhetchabunFor sale 2 bed villa in Lom Sak, PhetchabunFor sale 2 bed villa in Lom Sak, PhetchabunFor sale 2 bed villa in Lom Sak, PhetchabunFor sale 2 bed villa in Lom Sak, Phetchabun
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2 Bedroom Villa for sale in Nam Chun, Phetchabun

Nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of untouched nature lies a pristine haven awaiting discovery. Embraced by the ethereal charm of unobstructed panoramic mountain vistas, this 160m2 sanctuary stands as a testament to the harmony between luxury and serenity.Envisioned as a canvas for a small resort project, this property boasts a rare duality of purpose with twin entrances. The first, a welcoming gateway leading to a charming 160m2 house, offering respite and comfort. The second, a discreet passage unveiling the potential of expansive resort land, beckoning to be transformed into an oasis of tranquility.Privately procured, the heartbeat of modernity pulses through the veins of this retreat. Three-phase electricity, meticulously extended 900 meters from the road, seamlessly powers every corner of this domain. Shielded from the clutter of civilization, buried internet connectivity ensures connectivity without compromising the purity of the skies.Water, the essence of life, finds its sanctuary here. A testament to foresight, an integrated water room hosts an 88-meter deep well. This natural aquifer, fortified by a suite of high-end filtration systems, including an industrial-grade reverse osmosis system, yields 6000 liters of pristine drinking water daily.Rooted in the embrace of the majestic mountain foothills, this sanctuary embodies a symbiotic relationship with nature. Adjacent to a national park, with no neighbors to disturb the harmony, tranquility reigns supreme.Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Lomsak town and a mere 20 minutes from the enchanting Khao Koh, this oasis of calm offers proximity to urban conveniences without sacrificing the allure of seclusion. Gazing upon the majestic Phutabberk mountain range, every moment here is a timeless symphony of natural beauty.For the discerning soul with a vision akin to mine, this property is not just a mere investment; it's an invitation to embrace the boundless wonders of nature and create an enduring legacy of serenity and beauty. Welcome home to a world where dreams meet reality, and nature's embrace whispers tales of eternity.

  • beds2
  • baths1
  • space160 m²
  • property typeVilla